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Yana Kosteckova
Yana Kosteckova was born in 1998 in Orange County, California. Art has always presented itself as a form of self-expression ever since Yana could remember. Her grandparents were both artists of different mediums and always pushed her to continue to pursue the family talent. Even when times were tough, with a hard-working single mother and father out of the picture, she felt a bit reserved than most. In the instance of loneliness, she was encouraged to become in touch with her hobbies from a young age. Nowadays, as a young adult, Yana is backed by a studio art degree with a graphic design concentration, in process, where she is pursuing graphic design and creative direction as her career path. Yana is heavily influenced by womanhood, mental health, politics, organic movement, nature, and structured lines; more often than not, you will encounter these themes in her personal art. As far as graphic design goes, she is influenced by repetition, circles, pops of color, organic and structured lines. Yana is unique in her craft because of her ability to produce raw energy into every creation with the desire to further evolve her skills. Other talents influence her creativity, including Isabelle Feliu, Aykut Aydogdu, Sevdaliza, and Tame Impala.
Previously Worked:
Winnie Sun 2019/2020
Appears On:
Being. All of it | Volume II
Branding Design
Package Development
Social Media Graphics
Print & Digital Advertisements
Photo retouching
Graphic Art
Digital Illustrations
Typography & Lettering

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