*School Project Description
The museum summer program is aimed at educating & encouraging teen’s to develop and further their interest in the world of art, the museum collections, events & exhibitions. Each poster will be directed at a specific lecture date. You are to infuse your designs with a distinct emotional relationship that translates its visual message & subject to children (ages 13 to 15). This poster series will mailed to local schools & libraries.
The design problem will be to create a ‘family suite’ of 3 posters for the LACMA Teen Summer Activities Program.

Kelley Mouse Studios Work
Kelley Mouse Studios was formed with Kelley prepping layouts and illustrations, and Mouse inserting typography and drafting. Mouse Studios was known for combining typography, color, print, and illustrations to create a contemporary and art nouveau style to implement an alternate universe. In reality, the two would claim they had no direction with their pieces but somehow would create a fabulous execution.

Eleanor Campbell's Work
Campbell based her illustrations on photographs she took of her friends' and relations' children. An exhibition of 50 of Campbell's original artworks for the series, held at the Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences, was so popular that it was extended from the planned three months to seventeen months. The Dick and Jane illustrations have been criticized for reinforcing class, race and gender stereotypes.

Isabelle Feliu's Work
Feliu uses gouache on paper, most of her illustrations feature women, animals, nature, architecture, fashion, and interiors. Her work captures a blend of cultures celebrates womanhood, and highlights body positivity in a wonderful way. Although she doesn’t title her work as political, it’s easy to see where feminist theories lie in her work. 

My Role
At the beginning of this role, I brainstormed a couple topics to incorporate the 3 artists into a uniform collection. I came up with the series titled Creative Minds Think Alike. The collection features artists that share similar colors, shapes, and political/economic influence. Each poster emerges into the next with the color frequency of warm and cool tones. 
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